Be Moore You with Stress

Learn to use stress for positive growth

Do you understand how stress manifests in your life?

Stress is around us everywhere. It is conjured up by the external and internal factors which effect us.

As mums, raising children, managing a household, working and all the other hats we wear can cause all levels of stress.

Have you considered understanding how stress is effecting you?

Have you ever thought of how stress can be used for good? How it can be used to promote change, bring on opportunity and help you

Be Moore You.

This course will help you understand stress, become familiar with how you respond with stress and give you some tools to help you embrace stress for a positive, balanced life.

In the Be Moore You with Stress Course, you will gain an understanding of:

- stress and the effects of it

- how we traditionally respond to stress

- how we can use certain stress responses for change

- tools and activities to adopt positive growth and change

Are you ready to put your Stress to good use?

I'm Ready

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