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Flourish in life with a passion

Learn how you can find and embed a passion into your life for greater wellbeing

As we all know, motherhood is one of the most rewarding, yet challenging jobs a woman will ever have in their life. Its a never ending job of planning, organising, running around, nurturing and having family time. 

Despite all of this, we wouldn't change it for the world!

But it is a job which generally leaves us women without our own outlet, personal interests or self care around our own needs. This typically can suck our energy and create stress and overwhelm because we fly through each day like a robot doing task after task and constantly living in that state of being rushed. 

Having a hobby or a passion is the perfect opportunity to dedicate yourself and your time to an interest outside of work and family which will enhance your overall wellbeing. The thought of having a hobby can be laborious, but, according to Psychology Today, having a hobby is necessary and must be made time for and it is something that can help structure our time and improve efficiencies. Blogger, Britt Reints also talks about the benefits of a hobby and believes that "having a hobby helps round out your life, which makes you better able to thrive at work and at home'.

This Find Your Passion course will help you identify why you want a passion, how to find that passion or hobby and then how to overcome any obstacles to help you embed that hobby into your life. 

Through goal setting, time management and organisation you will find your passion and enhance your wellbeing for you and your family. 

Whats Included?

30 minute Video Masterclass

Worksheets and Activities 

Actionable Templates

Natalie Moore
Natalie Moore
Who will you learn from?

About the instructor

Natalie Moore is a passionate educator for inspiring and motivating women to live a life of passion, creativity, learning, adventure and most of all happiness. 

A certified Wellness Coach and trainer, her passion lies in empowering women to thrive physically, mentally and emotionally.

Natalie specifically works with women on helping them rediscover themselves whether that is in life, work or as a business owner. She loves helping women to make taking care of them becomes a natural part of their existence. 

Her style of learning is interactive and she serves as a support to help you identify long lasting changes you can make in your life to Grow Moore - Live Moore - Be Moore. 

She is a mum, a wife, a marathon runner, a complete learning nerd and loves a challenge.

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